Results from our Annual General Meeting!

The University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics held their annual general meeting on Monday, March 30. Here’s a brief overview of how the night went:

Alexander Delorme presented the yearly financial report. The report was met with resounding approval; the UAAA raised far more than it spent in 2014/2015.

One change was made to the club constitution. The change concerns the UAAA’s policies regarding member behavior while acting as a representative of the UAAA; we specifically included adherence to the UofA Student Union’s code of conduct in addition to the constitution’s existing condemnation of any behavior deemed illegal by the City of Edmonton and the governments of Alberta and Canada.

Last but not least, allow us to introduce your newly elected Executive for the 2015/2016 year:

President: Alexander Delorme

VP External: Alyssa Hammer

VP Operations and Finance: Shweta Beesoon

VP Internal: Jonathan Simmons

VP Communications: Kelsey Hix

Congratulations everyone! It’s worth noting that this is the first time in club history that we have a female-majority executive. Who says atheist clubs are just for men?

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended the AGM. We’ll be organizing a(nother) celebratory pub night soon. Stay tuned!

Major announcement: another event!

As stated in an earlier post, the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics are hosting a grand debate on March 7 between Randal Rouser and Justin Schieber.

We are now pleased to announce that in addition to our debate at the UofA (check our the Facebook event here) Randal and Justin will be participating in a dialogue on Sunday, March 8 at 7 p.m. The event, “Belief and Doubt in the Twenty-First Century: a Christian-Atheist dialogue”, will be taking place at Randal’s own Taylor Seminary. Everyone is welcome to attend. So come to the debate for the fire, the dialogue for the freshness!


We’re hosting a debate!


The University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics are proud to present Does God Exist?: a debate. This will be a non-denominational debate that will appeal to Christians, atheists, Muslims, Jews, and anyone who is interested in theistic or naturalistic philosophies.

The debate will be held on Saturday, March 7, at 4:00pm in CCIS lecture hall 1 430 at the University of Alberta. Tickets will be $5 at the door. The University of Alberta Debate Society has graciously agreed to moderate the event.

Randal Rouser will be arguing for the proposition and Justin Schieber will be arguing against the proposition.

Randal is a systematic and analytic theologian of evangelical persuasion, driven by apologetic concerns and above all by the tireless pursuit of truth. Randal seeks to promote a culture of life that is anti-militaristic and pro-family, pro-environment and anti-abortion, anti-consumerist and pro-animal.

Justin is co-host of the Reasonable Doubts Radio Show and Podcast. He currently serves on the advisory board of the Grand Rapids, Michigan chapter of Center For Inquiry and enjoys promoting a friendly, yet firm, skepticism toward religious claims.

We hope to see you there!

UAAA raises awareness of blasphemy laws

On January 23, members of the UAAA took campus by storm in an effort to raise awareness of blasphemy taboos and show solidarity for the French publication Charlie Hebdo. Ian Hruday (VP External) and Alexander Delorme (President) were joined by Jonathan Simmons and handed out reprintings of the latest Charlie Hebdo cover, engaging in conversation throughout the afternoon. There were just as many pats on the back as there were contrary opinions, so we know it was time well spent!

alexandercartoonIf you’re looking for another free speech issue to get behind, consider supporting Amnesty International’s effort to release Raif Badawi, a writer who Saudi Arabia sentenced to 1000 lashes for endorsing freedom of religion on his blog. Sign your name (or write a letter to Saudi Arabia’s new king) at Amnesty International’s e-activist website:

Until next time!

Alexander Delorme

UAAA 2015 Update

Hello everyone, and Happy Belated New Year from the UAAA

The UofA Atheists and Agnostics have a lot planned for 2015, and we rang in the new semester with a great round of Liquid Rationalism. We had about 20 people attend last week, many of whom were first time attendees, making it our largest pub night in a while. I think I speak for everyone when I say we had a blast! The next LR will be slated sometime in February, so stay tuned.

This week (Jan. 18 – 24), members of the UAAA executive will be handing out reprintings of the latest Charlie Hebdo cartoons on campus. We’re doing this as an expression of solidarity and to make sure our fellow students are aware of what happened in Paris. Contact us if you’d like to help out.LRposter

A sort of arts and crafts project will also be happening this month. The UAAA used to have a large and colourful banner hanging in CAB, but since it was ripped down it hasn’t been remade. Well, we’re going to change that! Details will be confirmed later this week, but prepare your painting outfit because we’re going to need everyone’s help on this.

If you’re someone who loves to plan ahead, this update is for you: our yearly debate has been pushed to March 7. The debate will be between Justin Schieber and Randal Rauser, two excellent combatants steeped in philosophy and apologetics. Our debates draw a large crowd of both theists and atheists, so remember to be there or be square.

Until next time,

Alexander Delorme, President

Ask an Atheist Day: November Edition

Back by popular demand, the UAAA will be hosting a November Ask an Atheist Day!

“Ask an Atheist Day” is an event that was created by the Secular Student Alliance, a multinational organization the UAAA is affiliated with, and traditionally takes place during April. Ask an Atheist Day is a method of public outreach; it’s an event for answering FAQs and misapprehensions about atheists and atheism and for letting our university know that we exist and that our voice is important.

The event will take place on Friday, November 7 from 9am to 5pm. A few of your UAAA executives will be there throughout the day, but we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would be able to stop by for a while and have genuine conversations with people who are interested in what atheism is, whether they’re religious or not. We invite everyone to visit, whether just to say “hi” or to chat with the large number of people our booth usually draws.

If you can make it, great! If not, we’ll see you at our next Liquid Rationalism.
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Take care and happy Halloween!
Alexander Delorme
President, University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics

Richard Carrier is coming to Edmonton!

Hello everyone,

I hope that this fall term has started off great. Sure there’s lots to learn, but a big part of going to university is making the time memorable and fun.

And so without further adieu, that brings us to the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics first major event(s) of the term!

On Sunday, September 21st, acclaimed historian and atheist extraordinaire Richard Carrier will be giving a talk at the UofA campus regarding the historical arguments for and against the existence of Jesus. The event will take place that evening at 7 pm in room MEC 2-1 in the Mechanical Engineering building. This event has been made possible by the efforts of the Society of Edmonton Atheists, so let’s strengthen our community by showing them our appreciation and support.


Secondly, the UAAA will be hosting our FIRST MEETING OF THE SEMESTER on Thursday, September 25. Some of the details are still being arranged, but those will be delivered in another post very soon. This meeting is very important as the UAAA executive will be going over our plans for the year as well as introducing ourselves and our mission to you!

I hope to personally see you all soon,

Alexander Delorme

President and interim VP Communications