Ask an Atheist Day: November Edition

Back by popular demand, the UAAA will be hosting a November Ask an Atheist Day!

“Ask an Atheist Day” is an event that was created by the Secular Student Alliance, a multinational organization the UAAA is affiliated with, and traditionally takes place during April. Ask an Atheist Day is a method of public outreach; it’s an event for answering FAQs and misapprehensions about atheists and atheism and for letting our university know that we exist and that our voice is important.

The event will take place on Friday, November 7 from 9am to 5pm. A few of your UAAA executives will be there throughout the day, but we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would be able to stop by for a while and have genuine conversations with people who are interested in what atheism is, whether they’re religious or not. We invite everyone to visit, whether just to say “hi” or to chat with the large number of people our booth usually draws.

If you can make it, great! If not, we’ll see you at our next Liquid Rationalism.
To stay up to date with our regular (and irregular) meetings like LR, subscribe to our mailing list by entering your email at

Take care and happy Halloween!
Alexander Delorme
President, University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics

Richard Carrier is coming to Edmonton!

Hello everyone,

I hope that this fall term has started off great. Sure there’s lots to learn, but a big part of going to university is making the time memorable and fun.

And so without further adieu, that brings us to the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics first major event(s) of the term!

On Sunday, September 21st, acclaimed historian and atheist extraordinaire Richard Carrier will be giving a talk at the UofA campus regarding the historical arguments for and against the existence of Jesus. The event will take place that evening at 7 pm in room MEC 2-1 in the Mechanical Engineering building. This event has been made possible by the efforts of the Society of Edmonton Atheists, so let’s strengthen our community by showing them our appreciation and support.


Secondly, the UAAA will be hosting our FIRST MEETING OF THE SEMESTER on Thursday, September 25. Some of the details are still being arranged, but those will be delivered in another post very soon. This meeting is very important as the UAAA executive will be going over our plans for the year as well as introducing ourselves and our mission to you!

I hope to personally see you all soon,

Alexander Delorme

President and interim VP Communications

The UAAA is ‘Born Again’

Hi there,

It has been far too long since the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics had an active and useful website, but fear not, because with the change in executive is coming a long list of changes and revivals that will rejuvenate our club. We apologize for being disorganized and distant, but promise to hereon keep you informed on all our activities. However, the best way to keep in touch with us is to join our Facebook group and subscribe to our mailing list. Links for all that may be found on the ‘Join Us’ tab on our homepage.

Since it’s been so long, I need to introduce you to your new Executive for the 2014/2015 university year.

President – Alexander Delorme

Vice President – External: Ian Hruday

Vice-President – Operations and Finance: Lewis Lozier

Vice-President – Internal: Drew Armstrong

Junior Vice-President – Communications: Vacant (provisionally filled by Alexander Delorme)

We are all excited to take our club to new heights in the coming year. Feel free to chat us up at any time by finding our personal emails on the ‘Executive’ tab on our homepage. Note that we are looking for an enthusiastic student to fill our VP-Communications position, as our VP-elect had to regrettably resign his position. We really hope to have this position filled by September.

Until next time, heathens,

-Pres. Alexander Delorme

2013-2014 Executive

Hi there,

It’s been a very long time since the website was updated.  We apologize for that, and recommend that you join our Facebook page or our mailing list to keep track of our events and discussions.  Links to those can be found under the Join Us tab at the top of the page.

I’d like to introduce our new Executive for the September 2013-September 2014 year, elected at tonight’s Annual General Meeting.

President: Drew Armstrong

Vice President – External: Ian Hruday

Vice-President – Operations and Finance: Alexander Delorme

Vice-President – Internal: Sarah Taylor

Congratulations, everyone!


~Vanessa, Jr. VP


P.S.: We also made changes to the Constitution, which will be posted here in the coming days once we get the document amended with the formal wording and a copy submitted to Student Group Services.

LR and Fall AGM

Here’s some information about so me of our upcoming events.

Liquid Rationalism is this Thursday at Deweys, for people who have just subscribed to the mailing list and are unaware, Liquid Rationalism (LR) is the UAAA’s biweekly social event which takes place at Dewey’s on campus. Swing by and have a drink, meet other people in the club and sit and chat about what ever you like, perhaps even something related to the club. Everyone is welcome.

Some succinct details:
Liquid Rationalism
Where: Deweys (in North Power Plant look for the red door.)
When: 15:30 Thursday September 27


In addition to LR here’s information that’s not quite as late.

On Thursday October 4th we will be holding our fall AGM and movie night. The AGM is a great opportunity for new club members to meet this year’s exec, put forward ideas for the upcoming year and meet other members. After the meeting we will be watching a movie. If anyone wishes we can relocate somewhere to have a discussion about the movie.

We haven’t picked a moive yet so if you have any suggestions drop us a line. We will likely put a short list forward to vote on.

Where: TBA
When: 17:00 Thursday October 4th.

Anyway that’s pretty much it.

Alexander Perl
VP Internal
Signing off.

Event: Liquid Rationalism

LR will be taking place this Thursday (June 21) at 5 pm in Avenue Pizza. Same UAAA-time, same UAAA-channel. See the posts below for more details.

Events: Liquid Rationalism, Edmonton Pride Parade

This Thursday is LR, same time and place as the last one.

What: Liquid Rationalism
When: June 7 @ 5:00 PM (17.00 for those who like 24 hr)
Where: Avenue Pizza (8519-112 Street)

Link to Facebook event:

Liquid Rationalism is our Bi-Weekly social night, where we sit down and enjoy some food, drinks and each others company, all are welcome. Stop by, have a drink and say hi, some of us will likely be there til last call.

~In Other News!~

Atheists at Pride

What: Atheists at Pride
When: Saturday June 9th
Parade staging: Between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m, on 102 Ave between 109 St and 107 St. Our group will be near the middle, after the NDP and Telus, so try to find one of them if you can’t find us first. Also, keep an eye out for the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Parade starts at noon and runs until 1 PM (if it starts on time) followed by festivities on Churchill Square.
Here’s a link! :

We have been invited to walk alongside the SEA (Society of Edmonton Atheists) this year at the Edmonton Gay Pride Parade. Wear a SEA shirt or UAAA shirt, or some other atheist/skeptic/etc. shirt, if you have one. Please take note of the weather; we walk rain or shine.


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